Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans are sometimes referred to as Part C.  Medicare Advantage Plans cover all Medicare services and may offer additional coverage such as vision, hearing, dental and other health or wellness programs. Most Medicare Advantage Plans also cover prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare supplement plans pay after Medicare to help cover your deductibles, copays, and coinsurance that you would otherwise be responsible for.  Choosing the right Medicare Supplement plan requires matching your personal healthcare needs to options available. I also evaluate company stability, length of time in the market and history of rate increases in my recommendations of a appropriate plan.

Prescription Drug Plans

Prescription Drug Plans are often referred to as Part D of Medicare. Prescription drug plans are a smart way to manage the cost of medications.  I  search for the right plan based on the formulary and your current prescriptions. I work with several of the most competitive prescription drug plans.

Dual Medicare/Medicaid Plans

I have extensive experience with navigating the  AHCCCS/Medicaid System as a Medicaid advocate for over 10 years.  I can help you find the right dual Medicare/Medicare plan based on medications and doctor preferences.

Hospital Indemnity Plans

Hospital Indemnity Plans  are a tool to protect you from costs associated with a hospital stay and can help with out of pocket expenses.  The benefit is paid directly to the policy holder.

Short Term Home Health Care Plans

Short term home health care plans can help you cover your deductibles and co-payments for home health care services. It will pay for a daily benefit for each day your receive a variety of home health services.  I am contracted with several insurance plans.

Life Insurance/Final Expense

Final expense insurance covers the costs associate with funeral expenses so that loved ones aren't faced with this burden.  I am contracted with A variety of insurance plans.

Dental, Hearing and Vision Plans

Original Medicare does not cover dental, hearing or vision coverage.  For clients who prefer Original Medicare and the freedom that it afford may want to consider a dental, hearing and vision plan.  I am contracted with a variety of insurance plans.

Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Plans

If you were diagnosed with cancer or suffered a heart attack or stroke, the last thing you would want to worry about is your finances. A lump-sum benefit amount is paid directly upon the diagnosis of cancer or if you suffer a heart attack or stroke. Coverage helps you receive the financial peace of mind that allows you to focus on your recovery.  I am contracted with a variety of insurance plans.

Experience Counts

I am a licensed Health and life insurance agent in the state of Arizona. I speak nationally and locally on healthcare, Medicaid and Medicare, the dually eligible and navigating all systems of care successfully. I have over 15 years of experience assisting families in navigating a variety of healthcare systems including group employer insurance, Medicaid and Medicare.  I am passionate about helping seniors and the dually eligible navigate Medicare ensuring that my clients get the right plan for their unique needs. I help my clients accurately assess their risk and offset that risk.  I do this at no cost to my clients. I am paid by the insurance companies and I am contracted with every major insurance carrier in the state of Arizona.