Transparency in Pricing

There are lots of upsetting and annoying things about having breast cancer, especially twice in three years.  The list is endless!  However, one of the most frustrating experiences for me was trying to find pricing for doctors, hospital costs, surgery costs and breast prosthetic costs.  We have insurance through my husband’s employer.  It is a […]

Three Things Medicare Does Not Cover

Eye Glasses and Comtracts Hearing Aids Comprehensive Dental Original Medicare does not cover: routine eye exams, eye glasses or contacts hearing aid  exams, hearing aids or hearing aid fittings comprehensive dental Of course, these three areas are important to seniors.  There are many options to fill these gaps.  If you wold like to discover what […]

Medicare Is Rolling Out New Cards

Check your mail! Medicare is mailing out new cards to all Medicare beneficiaries. The old Medicare cards are on their way out primarily because they use Social Security numbers as identifiers.  The new numbers are randomly assigned numbers and letters to help prevent fraud. The cards will arrive in the mail and you do not […]

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