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Robert Beckett
Bridget O’Brien Swartz
Dyer Bregman and Ferris
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Marsha Goodman
Marsha Goodman is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and a past chair of the State Bar of Arizona’s Probate and Trust Section.3101 N. Central Ave., Suite 1600
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Emily Kile
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Kile and Kupiszewski Law Firm
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What is ALTCS?
To apply to Long Term Care

EDP Pre Screening Tool

ALTCS Member Handbook
ALTCS Member Handbook

Elder Law Attorney Marsha Goodman explains what ALTCS is what is required.  Click HERE.

Do You Need To “Spend Down” to get into ALTCS?  Elder Law Attorney Marsha Goodman explains if and when you may need to “spend down” to be accepted into ALTCS.  Click HERE.

Are there veteran benefits that may help me?  Elder Law Attorney Marsha Goodman explains veteran benefits and how to access them. Click HERE.

Community Resources

Medical Alert

Alert 1 offers in-home and mobile medical alert systems for seniors and others looking for the security and protection that a personal emergency button alarm provides. Our affordable, easy to use medical alert pendants, bracelets, and watches offer reliable peace of mind for you or your loved ones, 24/7/365.

The Electronic Caregiver:   Whether you are looking to reach your everyday health goals or better manage your chronic conditions, our products and services are the best, personalized solution for you. Keeping your care circle informed has never been easier, while still allowing you to stay independent.  Each of our products are designed for different types of people and their activity level. 

Prime Medical Alert provides a number of different service options. Regardless of your needs or budget, we can find the best system for your unique situation  

Lifeline: Our easy-to-use medical alert systems let you summon any type of help whenever you need it, any time of day or night – even if you can’t speak*. All you need to do is press your help button, worn as a wristband or pendant, and a Trained Care Specialist will make sure you quickly get the help you need.

Community Legal

Arizona Senior Citizens Law Project

The Arizona Senior Citizens Law Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free legal services to senior citizens in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Community Legal Services

Community Legal Services is a non-profit law firm committed to increasing fairness in the civil justice system by advocating, litigating, and educating on behalf of Arizona’s most under served communities.

Special Needs Attorneys

Emily Taylor
Taylor and Lihn
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Stephanie Bivens
Megan Selvey
Bivens and Associates
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Emily Kile
Kile Law Firm
8727 E. Via de Commercio
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(P) 480-348-1590
(F) 1-866-404-5085

Robert Beckett
Bridget O’Brien Swartz
Dyer Bregman and Ferris
3411 N 5th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85013

DDD/ALTCS Attorneys

John H. Barron, III
DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy, P.C.

Barron & Associates PC
7310 North 16th Street, Suite 205 
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Social Security/Disability

Dyer Bregman and Ferris, PLLC
Khalil Chuck Saigh
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Rod Melkonoff, Attorney
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Ober Pekas  Ronstadt
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Schiffman Law Office, P.C.
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Division of Developmental Disabilities


Eligibility Packet

DDD Eligibility Manual


What is ALTCS

ALTCS Pre-screening Manual for DDD

PAS Tool 0-5


ALTCS PAS Tool 12 and up


Parents as Paid Caregivers

In July of 2022, I requested that AHCCCS review their policy of using “difficulty of care” income, as income when evaluating whether someone qualifies for AHCCCS. Difficulty of care payments is compensation for providing personal care in your home to an individual who has a physical, mental or emotional handicap. In 2014, the IRS ruled wages earned providing personal care to an individual in your home could be excluded for income tax purposes. AHCCCS agreed to review my documents and research on this issue. In August, AHCCCS changed their policy based on the research that I submitted.

I am incredible proud of changing the system in this small way. It will make a positive impact for families of those with developmental disabilities or those in the elderly and physically disabled program.

Parents as Paid Caregivers FAQs from AHCCCS

AHCCCS Policy Change on MAGI Income

IRS Waiver Payments Excluded From Income

Tax Act Document on Difficulty of Care Income

ARC Document on Difficulty of Care Income