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Finding the right healthcare plan can be very confusing and overwhelming. I spend time with my clients educating them on all of their healthcare choices, the pros and cons of each choice and then find the right plan for their needs. I assist my clients in selecting the right plan for their unique needs. I take into consideration what doctors my clients like, the medications they take and find the right plan that best suits those requirements. I also assess risks and gaps in their coverage and make recommendations to cover those risks. The analysis is at no cost to my clients.


I am a licensed health and life insurance agent. I live in the great state of Arizona but am licensed in California, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Illinois and Virginia. I speak nationally and locally on healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, the dually eligible and navigating all systems of care successfully. I am passionate about helping those under 65, seniors and those with disabilities navigate the healthcare system ensuring that my clients get the right plan for their unique needs. I help my clients accurately assess their risk and offset that risk.


I have had the privilege of working with incredible men an women to craft and run legislation for the betterment of the Autism and developmental disabled community.  We have successfully passed Autism Insurance Legislation that changed the way healthcare covered Autism services.  I also assisted with the successful passage of several Restraint and seclusion bills that protect those with developmental disabilities.

For 23 years I have served on several work groups and committees for a variety of organizations including Division of Developmental Disabilities, Department of Economic Security, AHCCCS, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  I am currently the President of Autism Society of Greater Phoenix, a board member of Moriah Cooperative, Board Member of District West IOC and Member of United Health Care Community Plan Member and Governance Committees. I serve on a variety of work groups to improve systems of care for those with ID/D. I served on the Governor’s Advisory Committee for Autism Spectrum Disorder for 6 years until the committee sunset. I am extremely knowledgeable about AHCCCS and ALTCS (Medicaid) and Medicare and how they can work together to give enhanced benefits and coordinated care to improve outcomes.

In July of 2022, I requested that AHCCCS review their policy of using “difficulty of care” income, as income when evaluating whether someone qualifies for AHCCCS. Difficulty of care payments is compensation for providing personal care in your home to an individual who has a physical, mental or emotional handicap. In 2014, the IRS ruled wages earned providing personal care to an individual in your home could be excluded for income tax purposes. AHCCCS agreed to review my documents and research on this issue. In August, AHCCCS changed their policy based on the research that I submitted.

I am incredible proud of changing the system in this small way. It will make a positive impact for families of those with developmental disabilities or those in the elderly and physically disabled program. If you want more information about this program please review the FAQs from AHCCCS.

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